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Tally E R P - 9 Silver Edition (single User)
  • Tally E R P - 9 Silver Edition (single User)
  • Tally E R P - 9 Silver Edition (single User)
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Tally E R P - 9 Silver Edition

The ERP version of Tally literally covers almost all reports, statutory returns, challans and MIS reports that a small to medium organization requires.

Just to give u a brief idea of its features, I have given below an illustrative list of the facilities and reports offered by this wonderful yet easy to operate software.

Inventory :- exhaustive coverage, including aging analysis, re-order levels, etc, unlimited levels of classification, flexible units of measurement of different items of inventory,

generation & printing of quotations, orders, vouchers, TAX invoices, & cheque printing,

Payroll:- generation of payroll, Provident fund return, etc,

Statutory requirements like TDS,VAT, excise duty, service tax,FBT, etc - including printing of challans, returns, reports, etc.
Invoice printing and price lists of different levels and categories,
MIS :- profitability analysis, ratio analysis, scenario management, comparision of data with multi columnar reports, etc., cash flow, fund flow,

multiple ware house management

cost accounting, including Job costing, Bill of Materials, etc,

Receivables & Payables management including aging analysis, branch wise, location wise reports, etc.
continuous updates with changes in statutory requirements. Imagine tomorrow GST is introduced,

LAN possible: for larger organizations, client- server module available.

data synchronization, consolidation of accounts,
In fact it is an ocean of information management. You can have a look at the attached ppt files to get a further idea.
If you are using the old versions like 7.2, you can upgrade to ERP 9


Every deployment of Tally.ERP 9 is a site. Consequently every account will have at
least one site. As an example, were you to have one Silver license even one on
rental you will have one site in your account. The Account Administrator can now:
Surrender the license in case system errors cause license failure (enabling
subsequent reactivation)
Acquire extensions (from the TE marketplace), which are attached to this license
Look at support issues centrally, track resolution status

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